I Saw the Devil



This 2010 Korean film directed by Jee-Woon Kim is an absolute treat. This is a story about a Secret Agent in pursuit of the Serial Killer that murdered his girlfriend.

The film is extremely brutal in its delivery, it’s opening sets the tone for the whole film, dark, visceral and steadily paced. The main protagonist  (Byung-Hun Lee) is clearly damaged goods, and struggles through the film ravaged with guilt, and fuelled by revenge. It is however the Serial killer (Min-sik Choi) who steals this film, we spend much of our time with him and he is no Hannibal Lecter, there is no charm in him, no remorse, and no light side to anything he does. His crimes (and there are many) are those of a genuinely unpleasant individual.

The story revolves around the cat and mouse between our main characters. We follow them both and as the film progresses the line between them becomes more and more blurred.

Make no mistake this is a violent film, and the violence is not that of Hollywood, this feels real and uncompromising. At the end I was left exhausted, this film stays with you long after the final credits.

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